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Aska special valves are original designed and manufactured with customers' specification.

new!Low emission certification acquired (Feb. 2017).

Fugitive Emissions Test : ISO 15848-1:2015(E)
Range: 150#-600#/15A-200A/0℃~200℃

Operating on shale gas, the world's largest PET plant
(producing 3000t/day and located in Texas, U.S.A.), has adopted ASKA 7-way diverter valves.

Flush botton valve (Tank bottom valve) delivery times are short (1-2 months).

  • Can be fitted with resistance temperature detectors, thermocouples, washing nozzles, and bellow seals.
  • Replacing existing flush bottom valves is easy.
  • Linings and coatings can be applied.

Materials : Stainless steel CF8(SS304),CF8M(SS316) etc, Hastelloy(R), Nickel, Titanium, Teflon(R) Coating&Lining, Two-phase alloys etc.